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The prevention of torsional vibrations or stick-slip is an essential aspect of the process of drilling exploration and production wells for oil and gas.

Through its patented Anti Stick-slip Tool (AST) Tomax provides a stable, safe drilling environment free from stick-slip vibrations produced in the process of cutting through problematic underground formations. The suppression of the stick-slip vibrations will also release energy for faster rates of penetration (ROP). As a result, the use of AST will always add significant value where the drilling operation faces risk from stick-slip vibrations.

Please contact us or use this web site to help configure the AST products into your plans.

Fast ROP in Hard Chalk

A new hypothesis for Drilling Dynamics. SPE-173068.

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Rough seas

Learn how the Anti Stick-Slip Technology is used for improving drilling efficiency where heave and motion characteristics is a challenge.

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Shale Play

Learn how the Anti Stick-Slip Technology is used for developing unconventional oil and gas resources.

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Speed up

Learn how the AST tool removed the need to consider stick-slip in the choice of drill-bits: Field-Report, Replacing Speed Limiting Bit Features.…

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